About Us

The Onkaparinga Cubs is a Baseball team that competes in the SA Winter Baseball Association representing the southern suburbs of Adelaide.

Since December 2016 we currently have over 250 followers on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages combined and 70 people subscribed to our e-newsletter.

We are just a team of passionate people who just want to play and enjoy the sport of Baseball and we are a not-for-profit organisation.

Members and players

Anyone from the ages 15 and over can come play at any skill level with accredited coaches on hand to help develop playing Baseball, Softball or Cricket in the off season while having fun and making new friends.

The winter season usually commences in late April and concludes early September.  Summer starts in October.

This is a great alternative for people who can no longer play higher impact sports like Football in the winter while still remaining competitive and keeping active.

So come and sign up your interest at playing with us next season by entering your email below or HERE.

If you would like to know more, our frequently asked questions (F.A.Q’s) can assist you or if you have other questions please contact us HERE.


  • The South Australian Winter Baseball Association has been around since the 1960’s and the season is primarily a social but competitive league. It consists of 3 levels (or divisions) for top level players being in division 1 down to division 3 being for the younger, newer and older players alike.

  • Club incorporation

    Upon a successful 2017 an interim committee will be created to draft a club constitution.  After September 2018, an AGM will be called for the appointed committee that will hold the positions of a Club President, Secretary and a Treasurer for the maximum term of 12 months.

    Winter season Division 1 team

    More interest we get from some talented players will allow us to compete with a Division 1 winter team.

    Masters (over 35’s) team

    We are linking up with a team from Tasmania that will come assist us with players in local tournaments and we will go play for them when on the east coast.

  • We encourage everyone to participate at Onka’s from coaching to playing to scoring and umpiring.

    Simply sign up HERE to our mailing list and we will notify you before the next season commences.

  • Our home field is at the Southern Districts Baseball Club on diamond 2.

    The grounds are located off Flaxmill Road in Christie Downs (next to the Christie Downs Railway Station). Other public transport is accessible on bus routes 725 or 733.

    See the Adelaide Metro for Bus and Train timetables.

  • We are anticipating 2 teams in the Winter Baseball season and the aim is to have 1 of them an All-Women’s team that will play in both Summer and in the Winter.

    But the more teams the merrier.

  • We welcome anybody who wishes to come and try out Baseball for the first time. We have accredited and experienced coaches on site to show you the basics.

    To begin with, on your first day, just bring some comfortable clothes and shoes.

    Before going out and spending money on a glove, someone could loan you a spare to try out for a few weeks until you’re ready to make a decision to play.

  • Registration forms will be available from our sign-up to play page HERE.

    Once you have downloaded, printed and filled them out, you can return them via our message us side of this page or email at info@onkasbaseball.com

  • Onka’s welcomes any new business partner over a 2 year period. We offer very affordable and flexible packages tailored to suit the local market.

    To see what we have available please visit our Partnerships page HERE for more information.

  • Teams could play as south as Noarlunga Centre or north (depending on the division) like Gawler, Golden Grove or Port Adelaide.


    **NOTE: Only the cap and jersey are compulsory in the winter seasons. If you want to go full pro looking in the summer, then these are the other things you will need to have.

    • Grey baseball pants.
    • Black undershirts.
    • Black baseball belt.
    • Black baseball socks or stirrups.
  • We are sorry to see you go. Please follow this link here to UNSUBSCRIBE.

  • Everyone. Male or female aged 15 and over (some as young as 13 have enjoyed playing in the winter).

    Onka’s are here to provide opportunities for anyone who wants to play if their local club can not meet their needs.