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Become A Cub

Welcome to Winter Baseball with the Onkaparinga Cubs.

  • Location TBA.


Our team is for everyone… It doesn’t matter if you’ve never played before or only just seen it on the TV, we want everyone to have a go and enjoy the sport as much as we do. The only requirement is that you’re aged 14 and over.

We are always trying to make our sport as cost effective as possible for our interested players to enjoy learning a new team sport.


The players fee cover all your uses for a complete season such as part of the team entry, ground fees, umpire fees & match balls and player’s insurance with the SAWBA.

Our fees are for a student, adult and this season we have also included a concession fee. You can add a 2nd student player for a discounted fee. WE ACCEPT CASH, CC & BANK DEPOSIT through our online store.


The season is normally of 15 or 16 rounds and commences the first Saturday after Anzac Day and finals conclude around the first week of September. We will have the Queen’s birthday long weekend off from any scheduled games in the SAWBA. We are entering all team(s) in Division 3 Central.

All games will be played either at Glenelg BC, Flinders University BC and possibly Port Adelaide BC. Starting times can vary between 10.30am, 12.30pm & 2.30pm and are played for a duration of 100 mins (1 hour 40 mins). We ask that you arrive 1 hour prior to starting time to warm and help set up our home field if we are playing at home.

We will know more about the season schedule as teams move around, withdraw etc. But we will keep everyone apprised on our website, Facebook and via email (& text if we have everyone phone numbers by then).


It is compulsory in Winter to wear a team jersey and a club hat when playing in the SAWBA. We do have our playing jerseys to keep outright and they’re available inside our online store. It will include the number of your choice (between 2-98) and your surname on the back. Our new club playing hats are $30 each.

In our winter season, it is not a requirement to wear Baseball pants, but they are safer and a more durable fabric to protect your legs. You can opt for track pants or even shorts if you prefer (but it will get chilly in the morning games). If you want to buy baseball pants and are looking to play baseball in the following summer season then grey baseball pants are the best option. Grey pants are more accessible to find & buy, also they are easier to resell after the season is over. We have listed a few places on here on where you can go to find a pair.

The other things you can find around is some black football socks if you’re preparing to wear your grey pants at knee height. Black baseball belt (again look at our retailers below) and an optional long sleeve black undershirt (as it does get cool during the season and our jersey are quite light).

We have other supporter gear on our website as well with polos and hoodies.


Before the pre-season starts you will need to track down your own fielding glove and shoes. Many players upgrade their personal equipment around this time of year, so it’s a good time to find one cheaply. If you’re looking to find a reasonable leather fielding glove, you should look at is size. For adults, it is between 11.5 and 12.5 inches. Shoes can be in the form of football boots or proper baseball shoes if you’re willing to spend a bit of money on them. Find Baseball clothing & equipment at the following…

Adelaide Baseball Retailers

Buy Online

Another good place to find some quality gear at a fraction of the cost is a group on FB…

So in summary you will need to find…

  • Club Hat
  • Leather Fielding Glove (between 11.5 to 12.5 inches)
  • Shoes (either football or baseball shoes)
  • Track pants
  • Towel & change of clothes (if games are wet or muddy)

If you want to look PRO then you can also find…


Our primary goal is to promote our club and encourage our new players to join us for the next winter season as well. If you need to know anything else, please do not to hesitate to email us HERE.